M83 @ Granada Theater, Dallas TX | May 20, 2012


M83’s gig at the Granada was hot. Literally. TMI, but I don’t remember sweating this much at a show. It was perhaps due to the bright lights, but the high temperature did not dampen this show at all. Even though the opening act, Botany, was borderline torture (waterboarding has to be better than this), the wait for M83 was worth it. The show ranged from energetic to pensive; from hopeful to angsty; from darkness to… well, yes. Light. The audience kept dancing and cheering, singing along to songs that are usually not meant to sing along to. To say that this show was perfect would be a complete and utter understatement.

Yes, believe the hype. M83 is one of the best shows you’ll ever go to.

Highlight of the night: Anthony Gonzalez’s sincere humility. He seemed truly overwhelmed at the response of the crowd, and his voice broke when he mentioned that the May 20 show was the last one of their tour. Refreshing and kind of cute.

Best songs: Reunion was the winner, without a doubt. Honorable mentions go to Couleurs (so much energy I thought I would explode. Really.) and the popular Midnight City

Bonus concert story: Guys, remember to be respectful of others when you’re at a show. You can dance your life away without bumping into people or invading their personal space. The girl dancing in front of me almost got her ass kicked. Kind of wish she had. 

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