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The gross, POS youtuber you probably haven’t heard about

I am not one for making social justice posts, but I found a youtube channel that left me incredibly troubled and disgusted. AlexXxStrecci’s youtube channel is perhaps the most misogynistic, body-shaming piece of social media I have encountered so far. Yes, this youtuber is Mexican and Mexican society reeks of misogyny (as a Mexican American who was raised and lived in Mexico for 19 years, I am well aware of it), but he takes it to a new level.

It’s already bad enough that Mexican society thinks so lowly of women (this might be a gross generalization, then again, it might not be), but we have morons like this pseudo-celebrity being glorified for posting “funny” videos. 

Just reading his video titles are enough to make you puke: “Women are mutants” is an example. 

If you understand Spanish, I urge you to go watch a few. You might not stomach them, fair warning. I watched several to make sure I wasn’t “overreacting.” Yup, the whole channel is disgusting. If you don’t understand Spanish, I am posting three examples here:

Video: "Skinny Girls vs. Fat Girls" 


- AlexxxStrecci and his friend refer to fat women as “pig-like.” 

- “Don’t get mad at me because you like to fuck cows.” 

- “Fat girls’ asses are nothing but lard.” 

- He insists many times that fat girls cannot be hot, are unfuckable. 

Video: “Lies women like to hear


- “It doesn’t matter how pretty your girlfriend is, there are women out there who are way prettier than she is.” 

- “Telling your girlfriend she is the prettiest woman in the world is a lie she loves to hear; makes their self-esteem go up, makes them wet… whatever.” 

- “Telling your girlfriend she’s the prettiest of all her friends, but her friends are hotter and like supermodels[..], you just want to fuck her friends.”

Video: "Are You a Slut?" (a backhanded-compliment-laden video. He tries to come across as ‘being a slut is okay’ but the video is problematic as fuck and no.) 


- “If you’ve slept around a lot, it’s totally understandable for people to call you a slut, suck it up.”

- “People think that if they’re single and they fuck around they aren’t sluts. Newsflash: If you fuck four guys and you’re single that still makes you a slut.”

- “If all sluts admitted that they’re sluts, the world would be a happier place.” 

- “If you show your cleavage, don’t complain about men staring at your boobs in creepy ways, you asked for it.” 

This is his YouTube channel.

This is his Twitter.

It’s really sad that such behavior is celebrated just for a few laughs. I have two sisters (one of them a teenager) who still live in Mexico and it makes me uneasy that they’re exposed to such shitty messages. Sadly, videos like AlexXxStrecci’s are considered “entertainment” in Mexico, and no one seems to do anything about it. People make money posting this negative, disgusting shit. Please signal boost. 


when ur crush calls u asking for money


“Stop romanticizing people who hurt you.”
- Six Word Story #48 by absentions (via bl-ossomed)

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